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  1. Marble bees are the basis of a whole line of bees that cannot be bred because the hives were removed from the mod, but not the bees. Would it be possible to get the queens added to the spawn shop? It would allow us to breed a whole line of bees, which I can document for you if need be, but you can go into JEI and search marble and look at the bees and their uses in breeding. Thank you Warlock Short of that, is it possible to be given a queen for breeding those other bee lines? I only need 1 queen and I can handle the rest.
  2. I can agree about their levels of disrespect and even abuse towards staff and other players. I have had to put them on /ignore because I can't stand how rude they are and the near constant barrage of it. In addition, they put a Howler alarm near my base a while back, making it prudent for me to expand my claim out way past where I normally would and set my claims enter permission to false. How do I know it was them you might ask? I did /near when the sound started and Lews_ showed up on the player's near me list, and was the only one on the list at that time. I was lucky that I have a
  3. Your Name: Lord Warlock Item Name + Amount: Balance (apx 114060) Coordinates: N/A Description of Issue: My balance reset since the 16th. Below is a grep of my log files showing the last two times I did /baltop. I can include more lines to show others if desired, the command can be confirmed in server logs as well. My balance today after voting, /rewards and selling items is $925 and should be about $115k. Screenshots (Optional): 2021-02-15-1.log:[09:13:03] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] 5. [Premium] LordWarlock, $104586.15 2021-02-16-1.log:[08:01:12] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] 5.
  4. Thank you, hopefully removing that thing is something that can be done before someone else stumbles into it!
  5. Your Name: Lord Warlock Item Name + Amount: Satchel (Hardened) - 1 Item Name + Amount: Alumite headed Pick - 1 Item Name + Amount: Alumite headed Axe - 1 Item Name + Amount: Alumite ingots (18 I think, had 20 before making pick and axe heads) Coordinates: 300 3260 Description of Issue: I was killed by a hungry node (not sure what they are) and staff said I should ask for a refund because the items were likely eaten. Screenshots (Optional): I don't have shots of the items, but there's a hungry node near those coordinates. If they don't eat graves, my items might still be there.
  6. Note that since I submitted this, I have completed re-organizing my setup so that my 4 chunks are together like a postage stamp, so the one that's missing should now be placed at 3622/-390 Thank you
  7. Your Name: LordWarlock Item Name + Amount: Chunkloader config - 1 Coordinates (format x, y, z): 3641 -394 4 and/or 3638 -422 4 Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/A Description of Issue: I moved a chunkloader to 3641 -394 4 from a few blocks away but did not expect to need to remove the chunkloader before I broke the iron block. Now, I can only set 3 chunk loaders. Can I please get them all reset (if there's a 4th one, i don't know where it actually is) and I can set them again where I want them to be. The other two chunks are in the same space (it's 3
  8. For the past 30 minutes or more, there has been something lagging the 1.12.2 DW20 server so bad that the TPS is being reported as below .5 I was disconnected for a while but when I was able to rejoin, it was still very bad.
  9. Good news, the one thing I hadn't tried (a different temple) worked (After hours looking for another temple) and now I have been able to make progress, although I wasted the money on the items I bought since I remade them, I got that money for free, so it's all good. This can be considered closed.
  10. Bottleofsyrup I have tried that, it doesn't let me craft the wand, a table or anything else. If need be, I can provide coords for the shrine (crystal intact) that I attempted to use. I wouldn't ask here if I hadn't tried everything I could think of to make this work.
  11. Account Name: LordWarlock Rank: Normal (not ranked Requested Commands^: /as research "@p BASIC_CRAFT" Reason for Request*: I bought the Luminous crafting table and resonating wand from spawn but it will not craft any objects when I try. The table charges fully but never shows the item. I have tried several items to be sure it wasn't just a JEI glitch and none of them show up or show the "charge" line for how much of a charge it requires. Would it be possible to get this fixed? I have researched it and supposedly the command listed will correct the issue. I do not have a server to t
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