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  1. Account Name: CrystalBlueSoul Town name: / Character name : CrystalBlueSoul Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 9:11pm CEST 09.10.2017 Description of Issue: Well i set up a mistcraft world and i didnt know what "Disarms" means ( because english is not my first language) and when i realized what it could maybe meant i was in the world and the truth hit me. i was looking if it maybe still on the floor (after i logged out ) when i read in the mystcrraft wiki that the invotry will be dropped on the ground ( an i have Cover slabs :/ ) *Screenshots: (next time before i try something)
  2. BlueDragonSoul

    [Rollback Request]Iventory

    Account Name: CrystalBlueSoul Town name: / Character name : Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8:45pm CEST/03.10.2017 Description of Issue: My Internet Provider has always some "problems" when it hits 8pm. In this case it causes me to (somehow) take my chestplate out of the slot an throw it out (i think). Searched the near area but it was gone. Additional: I made another forum post where my other items was stolen, the link is This
  3. BlueDragonSoul

    [Kornexs stealin Items]

    In-Game Nickname: Kornexs Time and date: 5:08pm CEST 05.10.2017 Description of what happened: I was going to the spawn to charge my Power Helm/shoes/fist/leggins in the Eneretic Infuser and tabbed out to watch a short video about the force field modpack(is not interestin ik). When i checked aain my Items (that shoul be charged went out of the Energetic. I thouht it would be a bu so i wanted to make later a refund request. But when my other 2 items disappeard in front of my eyes i wrote immediately /near and saw that Kornexs was near 2m. I sayd that i know that he ot my items but he inord it so i used /invsee / because im prem) and saw my all my items in his Inventory. After like 20 seconds he cleard his inventory and my Armour was gone. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/nRYiMuD https://imgur.com/jxfUpaB List of eyewitnesses: Supaspork (mc) / Beatlebomb (discord) Beatlebomb
  4. BlueDragonSoul


    In-game Name: CrystalblueSoul Rank: Premium Server: Tekkit Main Proof of Ownership (Optional): Im lazy to make a scrren riht now (1:22AM CEST) so i do it later. Till so, i have a forum link where it could proof that its my account The Rollback Request
  5. BlueDragonSoul

    [Rollback Request] on Tekkit

    oh sorry i forot that i change my name to CrystalBlueSoul ( i shoul look 3 times before i post a request...) its an inventory rollback, my ton is still fine ( sorry that i forgot to write it in the first place)
  6. BlueDragonSoul

    [Rollback Request] on Tekkit

    Account Name: BlueDragonSoul Town name: / Character name : Anime_Nation / CrystalBlueSoul Coordinates: x-1732 z3132 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 17.09.2017 15:00 CEST Description of Issue: Didn't know that the radiation shield from Modular Powersuit ist not working, i died 3-4 Times till my items got despawned *Screenshots: ---- It's a bit before i die, when i have at that time a golden bagpack in my inventory, please destroy him because i have him still

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