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  1. For me they despawn. I tried going circle around the area, I tried leaving and coming back to the place - nothing. Although, on that note, i wonder if its possible to increase the chunkloading area, that is caused by a player, in a specific dimension (in this case being The End). Ya, it would be kind of a silly if you couldn't blacklist things from despawning.
  2. I tried killing one today too... Guess what happened... And there were only like 10 people ON!
  3. Today i fought 3 chaos dragons... ALL of them despawned in the midfight.... Can something be done with this issue? Please!
  4. I autocrafted a controller with AE2 and lost my wrench... in-game nick: Elmazz
  5. mr sheep, at first you didnt want a wipe and btw i dont get your point here
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