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Just trying to reach out to the players and see what you think of the server. Just give a small description of what you think. Good and the bad. Please don't hold it in. And do not bad mouth any staff, or players this is not the place. And also tell how the staff is treating you and everyone you play with.  


Thanks {Helper}FatelMiner.

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Network the Tekkit community. Most players spend their time on CL's Tekkit on their own. They do not communicate with the rest of the server in any way. They play for a bit, and then leave. Why? They got killed because they didnt know how to make a town. Maybe they got tp killed. If they were more connected to the server they play on, they are more likely to return and continue playing. I have seen so many games live on past their time because of the community that built up around a single server. Provide some incentive for signing up on the forums, and for creating popular topics. IMO the forum needs to be more open, where everyone can share their opinion, rather than it being the somewhat 1 sided (staff) message board it seems to be right now. Hold community events and such. Generally add more reasons to actually communicate for the average player. 


IK its a little off your mark for what you were expecting but this is my synopsis of CL tekkit right now. Make it more of a community, not just a server.


P.S, there are too many dam rules

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Overall the server is good. It does its job well enough but it could definitely be improved.


Good Stuff.


1. It works :D

2. Overall friendly and helpful players

3. Generally friendly and helpful staff


Not Good Stuff.


1. Less lag, crashes, etc would be nice. Cant really be done without more money though.

2. Rule clarity is poor. Not all the rules are listed on the rule list. 

3. Rule enforcement is varied. Some are enforced consistently while others seem to be ignored to a degree. The rules themselves are vague and can have a lot of interpretation on to them.

4. Not enough high ranking staff online. I rarely see people above mod online, and they are often needed to fix issues. 

5. Process clarity could also be better. When/how are the spawn shops deleted? What time does the mystcraft world reset?

6. The burden of proof is my biggest issue. Some staff judge people as guilty when there is no proof or information on either side. More staff should have log access or the staff that have them should use them more. There are so many server-side ways to track things that dont seem to be used. Instead there is an expectation that everything gets screenshoted. 

7. It would be nice if less items were banned or there was a system in which good players could get these banned items. There are lots of things that could be abused in the game if people wanted to, yet just because a small percentage would abuse them everyone cant use them. 

8. Spawn should probably be redone/improved. The shop section is small and it overall could be better, more like a server hub. Town portals would be cool to have. 

9. What is the point of nations? what do they do. they seem kinda useless imo. 

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as a ex staff memeber fix stuff faster.Seriously it sometimes takes a month to fix a bug e.g the enderchest area bug which could be easily fixed by making a small region which the entry flag is deny.


brunyman and a part of last managers don't solve fast anything.. that's not something from now anyway.

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Well i can answer some questions, the logs are exclusive to brunyman and powerwarp (myself and myiume also could see them because we had access to the dedicated servers a long time ago) the proof that a place was griefed can't be take. from there since there no plugin to log every action happening in every town, that would be a massive waste of resources.


The bugs, glitches, crashes and all this kind of problems are solved only by brunyman since he is the only one with access to the dedicated servers, he also has a family and kids that he should take care of, so that leaves him very little time to fix these problems.


The rules are so vague because they were made back when we migrated from being a romanian community to a international one, we didn't have the situations that we have today, i agree that they need to be redone.


The forum has the same issue, it was made when we migrated, i planned to do a face-lift to the forums, but that was interrupted by me leaving staff.


Banned items are there because of the players that grief, i understand that most players son't use them for malicious intentions but we can't do a verification to every player that is one the server, the problem is mostly because the mods are not made to work with plugins and vice versa, by adding the factor that the servers are in offline mode makes things worse, to fix these problems means that we should modify the plugins and mods to work together, but as then the mods become changed, that requires a custom launcher so that the players would be able to play without the hassle of installing the mods and other thing manually. 


The nations are a WIP from the plugin developer.


The spawn can be only changed when there is a wipe, a d only by brunyman pr powerwarp.


If you want you can ask more questions and i will answer them here.

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