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  1. vladNMP

    Random Thoughts

    bad girls dont swalla
  2. vladNMP

    [Model] Your Pc.

    nice one bud. next upgrade would be another stick of ram
  3. vladNMP

    Best Movies In 2016

  4. vladNMP

    Best Movies In 2016

    hey you stupid fucks, don't forget about ice age
  5. vladNMP

    And His Name Is Jhon Cena !

  6. vladNMP

    Players Input

    since when mcmod is a scout of someone? lol don't blow your cover, little padawan
  7. vladNMP

    Players Input

    none sent
  8. vladNMP

    Players Input

  9. vladNMP

    Players Input

    who is this guy
  10. vladNMP

    Misuse Of The Term "autistic"

    that explains some stuff
  11. vladNMP

    Smash For Wiiu Me Against Kirby

    what's the point of this game? punching a kirby ? ok videogames, let's get weird
  12. vladNMP

    Tekkit Rave

    a what
  13. vladNMP

    Tekkit Rave

    check private

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