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How To Get A Skin As A Cracked User


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People have been wondering how to get skins. They all think you have to be a premium account holder, bit you dont. And no, im not talking about what your thinking about where you just get a premium accounts name and use that for its skin. The advantage of the way i do it:

- You can see it and so can everyone else

-Its simple and easy to do

-You can repeat it as many times as you want

-You dont have to worry about not having a name you want as the skin you want is on a prem account


I believe it only works with the HackPhoenix version of the ATLauncher. You can download it here:


I personaly love HackPhoenix as firstly it is widly used and it has pretty much every launcher. Ranging from FTB to MultiMC.


Now once you got that, just make a name and press login, it it has a password box then just put random letters into it :P Then once thats done go to this site and then put in the username you put for your Launcher account and then you may have to wait about 10mins-1day


Now reload the ATLauncher and your skin should appear next to your name then your done!




(Ill most probrably add a more simpler tutorial with pictures :D)

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