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This Is For The Skyfactory Owner


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Hello i am jamshidct one of the oldest players on the  server like after the second restart ago i stareted i once lost my island on the first of apirel from a server restart and we are getting near to that date and i dont want my island to reset agine so if you can may you send a coppy of the world to this email addres :


thank you for you time i appreciate it alot i am also asking for it now becose my exams are commeing up so i up so i can pick up from when i last came on.




                                                                                  tankyou so much -jj 

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ok, it will be very large, i'l download it and upload it to a download link, it will take some time

thank you so very much i appreciate  the work your doing and if u still haven't uploaded it can u make it a torrent then upload it thank you.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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