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[Space Factions]Many Hackers


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Hi, Space Factions It was a very good server, yes it was because with the passage of time they arrived many hackers and it is no longer fun to play on this server, to which I would ask more staff presence in the server


attention is appreciated.  :)

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My suggestion is to have more staff for that server because the game not as pleasing as before, it is also just look at the anti cheat to chat Kicks people every 4 minutes by using  hacks.

You'd better suggest a new anti-hacks plugin, you can't push the people to play more at X server, as long as they don't want/like.

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We are trying to maintain a high activity on all servers, new helpers are recruited whenever needed and improvements to the anti-hack plugins are searched for. It's a good topic for us to have a better view over the players' needs. Thank you for showing your interest!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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