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Hotbar/inventory Space Lock


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this is just a suggestion and i dont know is this is posible anyway xD.. i think if we can lock some hotbar or inventory spaces will be so great for some servers for example:Ac v1,hiipo plots,pure survival etc...


this is because a lot of players lose items because they press to the Q and lose it. :s



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The truth is that here are many users who have lost their items for pressing whitout the letter "Q". In my opinion, and adding one idea for this suggestion. I would be: 


Add the flag to the regions of protection of "drop items (deny)" Thus users may not drop or lose any item to try to throw away it.


* In order to continue trade without scams, add the plugin from trade whats in Space Factions. Si instead of throwing the items on a sale, the sales will be more happy and no scams



A greeting! :))

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I second that suggestion. There's a lot of players losing stuff every single day, due to dropping it accidentally. Additionally, I'll also have to agree with Ismael regarding adding a plugin like the one on Space Factions, on the rest of the servers as well. It's really a great way of getting trading done, while preventing a huge percentage of the amount of scamming we see happening every day.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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