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I have been having problems making my octuple cobblestone for the challenge.  The 1st cyclic assembler receiving cobble from the transfer nodes have been "obsidianed" a few times, I have tried tweaking it, but it seems not to work.  The last time all the upgrades (64x2x4) got removed as well.  Also I have had a draconic chest replaced with an obsidian block as well (once blocked, once just disappeared).


Now I do get the problems of managing a big cpu-intensive server like SF2, but I think you should inform somewhere about these measures.  Also - can you suggest any other way to make the octuple than using transfer nodes + auto-packagers/cyclic?


Cept for that I find staff very friendly and Rock is answering questions and whatnot very well.


Oh - and mebbe it's a thought to exchange the rewards from the spawners to the porta-spawners, they are annoying to have stuck in your inventory.


Keep up the good work!

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