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Island Rollback Request

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Island owner agreed to get stuff refunded 


List of refunded stuff (He had most of that stuff, i`m giving a bit more, because of small things he lost, and i can`t refund)


16 ME drives

160 ME 64k storages

about 12k-20k of every basic ingots (iron, tin, lead, copper, etc.)

32 drac blocks (normals)

16k redstone

13k coal

16k lapis

6k invar

7k electrum

10k enderium

10k glass

10k stone

2k signalum

800+ dark steel

11k yellorium

4k ender pearls

20k Oak logs

4k nether quartz

3k certus quartz

5k graphite bars

64 of every seed (He had all seeds, but only 1 of each type, i restoked them to 64 of each)

proof screenshot http://imgur.com/a/zvTms


And i spawned some fluid cows, because... who cares about cows?


Island owner don`t need rollback anymore, so T/C

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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