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Lost Very Valuable Golden Bag


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In game nick: kocka


Today a wanted to auc blaze rods.  There was another auc ongoing so i was 1st in line. in meantime i teleported to other island and my golden bag disapeared. at the same time my game crashed. i had to restart mc program. when i logged in i had no more my golden bag. I rename most of my bags. This one was called 'Kocka Bag of Bags' As the name say it contained lot of other bags [for sure more then 15], most of them full. Judge yosefshaked suggested i make a post here. is there a posssibility to rollback my inventory?


I do not remember what all was in that bag here is just somethinkg i know [and how i renamed my bags]

'Kocka bag of Monsters' - portaspawners with sapwners, and many types of mobs in safari nets

'Kocka bag of seeds' - 1 more bag inside and 1 stack of each type of magical seed

'Kocka bag of Thaumcraft' - greatwood and silverwood logs and saplings, and some items for thaumcraft

there were also a lot of othere bags some of them renamed to 'Kocka Bag of ....' and some without rename.

I had laser drill with 4 prechargers, material for wither mob farm and ae2 me system, several tinkers construct tools uprgraded to goodlike and added modifiers and a lot of other items i do not remember right now.


I would be very glad if my inventory could be rolled back if possible.




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