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Bad Staff Behavior


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are staff allowed to warn players for nothing? thomason the helper said k4cafor4 was spamming test and k4 said it only once and after some chatting between me (kingstas1),k4cafor4,thomason and yosefshaked thomsaon removed the warning,but thats not all,thomason warned k4cafor4 after like 15mins and for spamming and k4cafor4 wasnt even typing in chat and me and k4 talked to thomason and yosefshaked and they didnt remove the warning and they didnt even have a reason to warn k4 and even we started talking and thomason started calling us idiots and me and k4 wont be chill about that so we got him back ofcourse because even if he is a staff he cant talk to us like that and if you are wondering why am I reporting not k4 is because k4 told me to report and we are friends in real life not at minecraft, I dont know why its failing to post photos with the topic so msg me on skype (kingstas1) and k4's skype is (k4cafor4)so I show you the screen shots I swear I have them I just can not post them just msg me on skype and I'm not done yet,even the staff are spamming like yosefshaked spamming /afk! I got screenshpts for that also

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Dude we told you, I talked with thomason at first and told him to remove it because I didn't know k4 spammed, Then I talked with rocksmasher99 and he told me that the warn was right so I told thomason to get the warn back. Like we said but k4 didn't want to listen there was only 1 warn, The first warn was removed.

EDIT: I never used the command /afk that thing in chat that says I'm afk is automatic and can't stop it, there are sometimes I'm in my ME system and that happens

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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