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Hi, that name has never been on our Tekkit server. What is your MC username?

HA3X_akuma is my minecraft in game name, the server i connect to is "skyfactory.craftersland.net" 

i just realized that this topic is in the wrong place, i am on the atlauncher and not the tekkit server

edit: question, when it prompts "/login password" does it mean "/login [your password here] or "/login password [your password here]?

i ask because im not one to forget my password to much of anything  

this is resolved, th anks for your time anyway

i suggest you change the msg the server tells people to avoid this type of confusion with more new players 

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So you got logged in? Also what msg is wrong in the server?




Topichas been moved.

it's not wrong just a little misleading, i assumed it intended me to type "/login password [my password]"

i ran into similar problems when i registered my password and was confused by the instructions given 


thank you for the password reset now i don't have password as a prefix to my password

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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