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Hi guys. Recently i tried to join the SkyFactory2 server, i downloaded the modpack from the ATLauncher, all worked properly but when i try to connect to the server it says:

"Mod Rejections[FMLMod:moreplayersmodels{1.7.10b}]". I think it is from the minecraft version of the modpack, or anything like this, if u know whats the problem.. Please help me ! :)

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That is an optional mod that you had to install. that error means you are missing that mod to connect to server. in the atlauncher modpack mods list check that mod. Then you should be able to connect. I also recommend to disable the Infininvo (or something), dualhotbar (or similar), InGameInfoXML mod and Opis and maybe the OpenEye... are not required to be in the pack to play on server. and that ingameinfo mod messes up the chat.

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