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Items Disappearing From Island

dagger 2016

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Hey guys :D how are you guys hows everything.Well if you ask me, I'm not doing that much fine because items,blocks,upgrades etc. are disappearing from my island (and no my members aren't stealing them since their so inconsistent with playing minecraft).This started a few days ago when transfer pipes started disappearing then today I lost an autonomous activator which contained a reinforced watering can disappeared.And there aren't claimed islands beside my island


Witnesses : Mohammad0774


Things Missing : Me Drives,Dense cables,me cables,blocks,items,etc.


Here is the description.I hope for your quick and effective support and solve my problem quickly






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No the items were not turned into obsidian they just disappeared out of nowhere.There were a few items but the most important was my reinforced watering can in the autonomous activator which i had mentioned above.And in the  unclaimed bases as far as I could see there was full void both south and north(as far as I could see).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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