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Golden Bag Of Holding Bug

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i found a bug and if its possible i need a refund.


I opened the golden bag of holding and put stuff from my inventory into it. Accidentally i put the same bag into its own inventory, so now its gone.. think its a bug.


My new draconic sword was inside it ( with enchants reaper V, looting III, Soulbound 1, Wrath III, Sharpness IV) and 4 Charged Draconium blocks, the other stuff is not important but my draconic sword is.


it would be nice if i could get a refund.


kind regards


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I thought it didn't allow to do that, as all inventories that are currently open do, how you managed to do it? Did it lag or you somehow shift-clicked it in?

The only way to do it is using shift+click lets wait for higher staff to replay here

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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