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Crash And Die After Return From Deep Dark #2

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The same thing happen to me that happen to 


"I just returned and begin to mine on the Deep Dark. However, when I click on the deep dark portal to return the minecraft suddenly crash, when I returned my character already died by falling out of the world and there are no graves when I type /back."

but i had a flight ring when i came back and was able to see where i was, i was under the bedrock in the -13 height in the deep dark

so im guessing that oped person could get to my grave if they broke a spot in the bedrock.


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What's your ingame name? Also, this weird bug makes graves unable to spawn. Please give me a list of item that you lost.

my in game name is "HA3X_akuma"

a golden bag of holding with 64 of every magical crops seed in it, excluding the cow sheep ect. and a super builder wand

manyullyn pick (manyullyn head, paper binding, paper rod, maxed lapis, maxed redstone, ball of moss)((not sure what level but it was pretty low))

ender pouch

a angel flight ring

zivicio full set of armor

there was some other stuff like conduits and a ender quarry but i can remake all that

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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