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[Ac V1] Shop Suggestion


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As a relatively new player, I'm still learning the ropes of the game. I'd love to create player shops, but unfortunately I haven't been able to successfully create a shop due to the amount of players wanting to create them as well.


Also, as a Premium donor, I am able to have up to four shops, which seems kind of useless if I'm not even able to make one. Would it be possible to either:


1. Add more shops (another level, more rows) so that more players have the opportunity to create one

2. Create a special Donor shop area were only VIP, Premium and Sponsor donors can create shops


I love this server, and AssassinS especially, and it is almost perfect except for this and a few other small things. Thanks for reading this.



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I second this one. Personally, I believe that setting up an additional, spacey room where only donators can create shops is the way to go here. It'd be accessible by everyone, although, like the OP mentioned, only donors would be able to set up shops in there.

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