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How To Build The Perfect Island

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Hey guys

I've had many problems on my island because of the server anti-lag system. Please, can you give me some advice to build an awesome island without encountering problems like an obsidian block instead of an autonomous activator or me cables bugged?

Thank you

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Well with the obsidian blocks... not so much... the server has a plugin that tried to remove the laggy (or the supposedly laggy blocks) from world in the attempt to resolve the tps drop. All i can say is to limit the amount of activators you use, cyclic assemblers, autopackagers, enderio farming stations. since are considered lag causing. As for the me cables, try to keep the entire system as close to 1 chunk as possible. And don't exaggerate on machines that can cause tps drops.

If you keep the builds and machines to a strict minimum you should have no issues with server plugin that replaces blocks with obsidian.

Since I play on the server, never had issues with obsidian blocks replacing machines.

Just keep it to a minimum of machines and all should be fine. As for decorating and stuff... there's no limit, if running machines aren't involved.

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