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Since it is actually impossible to visit the spirit world, (my island mate and I have tried various ways) I suggest we bring a few more items to the shop that can't be abbtained otherwise; Mellifluous hunger, subdued spirit and condensed fear are all items not abtainable in the overworld

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You CAN visit spirit world, but you must brink Brew of Sleeping at spawn. (Brew must be used in OVERWORLD, not Skyworld dimension)


Also, go outside of spawn, in one of outside flying houses i placed Dream Weaver of Nightmares, so you`ll get 50% chance not to get nightmare after drinking Brew.


P.S. Do not go to island (/home) after you done with spirit world, and do not use Icy niddle, because you`ll spawn in void. Use /spawn command, it will bring you back to your body. (It`s just a bug, but you can die outside of your island, and lose stuff.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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