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[Meet The Staff Member]Shadowevolve

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About Me:


I'm a senior in high school which graduating in June and going to be mastering in Graphic Design and Computer Engineering when I get into college. And I know someone going to ask this which is "What college are you going to after you graduate?", and the answer is ITT Tech. I do play sports also mainly football which I had been playing for 9 years going on 10, the position that I mainly played is WR(wide receiver). I've started playing Minecraft since alpha and been playing modded minecraft for about 6 years maybe more(never kept track). As for staffing for servers, I been staff for good amount of servers which I don't know the exact number, so I'm not a spring chicken when it comes to staffing on servers, commands, and etc. But here and there I sometimes need a refresher (which we all do once in awhile) with some stuff, because each server is different from one and another. I been staff on CraftersLand since November of 2015, might been September. I love all CL staff even the ones I never met yet, but as for players, there are ones I love and ones I just want to punch them through my computer screen, if you know what I mean about that. So, that's it for me talking about myself which was fun in a non-sarcastic way.





None at the moment, but come back later



PS: Feel free to ask questions at anytime, just might take me a little to answer



Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!  :)  B-)  :x

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