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Hey!, Some time ago I made a post about this, but received no productive response. Almost every day I see hackers on the game. And I think, Is not it time to say stop? Sincerely I hate the AdvancedAntiCheat, many days the plugin kick me out the server. But I prefer that this plugin kick me before seeing hackers.


I think the staff needs more time for other tasks.

Thanks for reading... I hope to answer.



Thanks for your time! :D



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We know about the hackers from the ctw server, we are trying to handle this but we can't watch the ctw server all the time. 

We would apreciate if you or the other players will give us a helping hand to catch them. You can record and report them on our forum in the complaints section, and a staff member will punish them.


P.S. Im not sure what's the suggestion here, do you suggest us to get rid of the AntiCheat plugin?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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