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[Tutorial] How To Upload Images To Imgur


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This tutorial is related to these other tutorials.




and in spanish




On the forums, we use Imgur as our image sharing site, since it's fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it.


1) We will have to create an account on Imgur, if you haven't got one already. When it opens up, click on where it says "sign up ":




2) We click on this and we would have that fill out the form. Here is an example (if you like you could register using Facebook):




3) Once inside we would have to take an image and drag it or click where it says "browse your computer" on the imgur page




4) Next, locate your image on your PC. Once we have our image, click on "Start Upload":




5) Once the bar has finished loading, click on "Upload to Imgur" 






6) There will be no need to click on share to community. After clicking on the upload button, simply find the box that I've marked in red, and copy the link. Alternatively, if you wish to use BBCode, use the box that I've outlined in yellow. 




Well that's it I hope you like this tutorial and I hope to help them much to report players and upload images if you want to do one in Spanish


Thanks for your attention 





Using the competitor for a tutorial on a different competitor. Classy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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