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[Post Blast] [Update] [V5.1.0]


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Hello fellow Crafter's, The Post Blast Modpack was updated today!

The update includes many buffs to security for multiplayer support.

We have included many add-ons for CC and OC to help this goal.

Thus many blocks/items have been added which secure homes.

With that players can do a lot more with lua than ever before.


However, we also decided to remove the BigReactors Mod.

This is due to instability, lag, and its cheap energy/conversion.

Basically it is too easy, and allows for easy uranium production.

Uranium is used in a lot of machines, especially nuclear weapons.

Thus in order to reduce the conversion, we decided to remove it.

The decision was also impacted by the cartoon like realism in it.

Such as where you dig yellow rocks, throw em in and infinite power.

No, that's wrong and it's why we let self sufficient power to the pro mods.

However basic power can still be aquired through dynamos/generators.




[updated to Version 5.1.0]

[MC version 1.7.10]

[Mod Count = 179]


-Added: Peripherals Plus Plus (PPP)
-Added: RedLogic
-Added: OpenCCsensors
-Added: OpenModularTurrets
-Added: SecurityCraft
-Added: LookingGlass
-Fixed: BuildCraft 
-Updated: OptiFine to HD4
-Removed: BigReactors
-Removed: BC compatibility Mod.
~Significant boosts to ComputerCraft and Lua/OpenComputers.
~Decreased ability for players to easily craft nuclear missiles by hand.
~Configuration work - Updated MainMenu Version to 5.1.0.
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Basically this update increased the defensive capabilities of passive players and innovators.

By adding more peripheral support/add-on's to ComputerCraft more methods now exist.

Thus you can virtually control a wide range of defensive blocks through Computer code.


I found that OpenComputers was already pretty insane, thus balanced it with CC add-ons.

Right now you can easily control almost everything with a computer/peripheral imports.

The turrets were added to allow for passive defense, without needing any active players.

If you live underground, the turrets can defend above so one does not have to go up.


Cameras, more radars, entity detectors, username loggers, retinal scanners help this.

CC itself was not configured, except the fact that i reduced modem range to 100 blocks.

(I had increased wireless settings before, and found they need to be reduced to 100 from 400).


OpenSecurity does not add much that is not present already in the game, so it was useless.

I understand you are only familiar with OC and not CC, but if you learn CC it'll be better for you.

Due to the fact that i only update once a month now, and this will be the last content update.


As for HUD mods such as NEAT & Zyin's, it is to provide better client feedback to a player.

They would not be reflected by only server side install, and are only client modifications.

NEAT gives you more feedback on the health/armor/status of entities including players.

Zyins displays armor, tools and other utilities on your screen to up reaction time in PVP.

These were added a long time ago to make PvP more advanced and more interesting.

However i do wonder how you would notice someone morphed as a pig, holding a gun.


~I feel pretty happy with what i have now, and since security is better, ICBM threats are reduced.

~Thus for a server, it would not require having to ban nuclear weapons anymore due to mod help.

~What i mean is that I gave more means to defend against ICBM/Flan threats by boosting  Lua.



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