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[Unban] [Panda_009]


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[1]in-Gamer Username:


[2]Details Of Situation:

I Was Killing, And Carajocomer Say, You have Hacks.

[3]Ban Category:


[4]Ban Duration:

7 days

[5]Staff Member:



I Don't Have That :(

[7]Your Reason:

It Was Infair, Because I Don't Have Hacks, Him First Had To See Me, If I Have Hacks

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Actually I dont have proof, ran out of disk space while recording. Same with TierraMC  ban, blame action.

A higher rank staff must take care of this situation.

All I can say is that you looked really strange, also when I runned inside spawn you entered too and you continued aiming me and hitting me inside of spawn. It really looked like hacks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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