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Unban Dl_Iicaxperpvp


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[1] In-Game Username:

- DL_iiCaxperPvP
[2] Details of Situation:

-  I was banned by hacks

[3] Ban Category:

- Hacked client (killaura"

[4] Ban Duration:

- 7 days

[5] Staff Member:

- Carajocomer

[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

- I do not use hacks in this version, I admit that as badlion use in servers, but craftersland never use them and I will not use them, here I leave my folder minecraft 

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The video proves nothing, since you could delete any proof of the client as you had mc closed. There are clients for 1.10, there are clients for 1.10 since it was out. Idk why everyone thinks there arent. If you want I can link one here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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