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Give Gms The Ability To Read Chat Logs [Brunyman]


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As you may or may not know, the Tekkit spawn got griefed and it seems no one caught the person who did it.  Seems like no one knew how it was done either.  I was banned when it happened, so at least you know it wasn't me.  Also, my base got destroyed when I came back with plasma disintegrating my me system.  This is a terrible grief and can erase days of work in a instant and someone could possibly steal all your items.


But, Asuka Kurashina said it Would be obvious who did it if you check chat logs.


So I told GM niqf about it but, he said he can't read the chat logs even when he is GM.  I thought GM's had the power to use /socialspy and could read the chat so why not the logs.  I think the GM should have the power if it's the same as /socialspy.  But we should definitely catch the culprit unless it was Brunyman.  BTW I can't even play because my me disks are still gone and rolling back didn't replace most of them.


Here is the original images of the grief:




Kingsman made a post about it in his rollback topic.



Here is a picture of my base grief and the griefing machine:



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We do not need such access, and it would require FTP access which is a no.

However, for all modded servers we staff members do have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Not to mention we can politely request the Community Manager to pull logs and check em for us.


We are always watching the chat, whether you know it or not, whether we are online or not.


Keep it simple.

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