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Add Block Place Log For Creative Items And Forcefield Projectors


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If you look closely on these images, someone just probably very fast placed all these things:


Creative strongbox

Forcefield projector

Disintegration module


And got plasma somehow from creative mode as well as infinite energy card


So if we had something that logged when they made those things or placed them, and where they were on the server, we could catch them easily.


Also, players should be able to buy an unban, so you can ban the creative mode player, and it costs more to buy the unban based on the rank.  Like if they have creative mode it costs double.  That way, you can get more money from creative mode players that are caught.

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Well I'm sure you feel blasted by these topics but I got the idea that putting lots of important points in the same topic might make them easy to overlook.  If one person has a very strong opinion about 1 thing, the other points might be ignored.  With each idea on it's own post, it is much easier to focus on one thing and for more people to comment on things they have an opinion on and have more courage to do so because the topic is so clear.

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