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Allow Cofh And Enderio


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there is command called /is trust which we have no permission.
i believe fakeplayers for COFH (thermal expansion) and ENDERIO are separate and need to be configured to be able to interact with things in the world e.g. Killer Joe, autonomous. you can research more in google.

I really believe these blocks problems is with permissions.

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All the mods have their own fake players. And the fake players don't interact with machines. They are part of the machines.

There actually is a is trust command though, that much is true. Having that command could help me a lot.


JosEffigy I believe brunyman knows what hes doing and does not need your "help" on matters he said he would fix. The /is trust and /is untrust commands are a good idea though and if he would give them to players I would like it.  

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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