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[Server Suggestion]Blightfall


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Hello,Today,Most loved/liked modpacks or server,are themed ones,with quests,adventures,hard gameplay.


We already got a partnership server with a post-apocaliptyc theme,but it requires really good PC.


I would like if we will have a Blightfall server.


(Blightfall is 1.7.10,starts in 1 min,requires same specs as tekkitmain)


To the guys that don't know what's Blightfall,check YouTube :D


Also,there are Teams,that means we can select our team from like 8 ones.


(as i remember "Epsilon,Delta,Gamma,Alpha and some more)


If we can reach a Blightfall server,we will be first with one!


Someone tried to make a server but he was a newbie,but here are good programmers.


If you will like my idea,it will mean a lot for me.


Best Regards,



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That modpack comes with a custom map which is specially designed to match the modpack. New players there would have no resources to play with, as the resources there are very scarce.

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