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Exiting The Dream World Crashes The Server (Ign: Atricos)


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Exiting the Dream World crashes the server (IGN: Atricos)


In-Game Nickname: Atricos

Time and date: 25th August 2016

Description of what happened:


What's the Witchery dream world?

The Witchery Dream World (a.k.a. Spirit World) is a core element of the mod. This is the only way to get Whispy and Disturbed Cotton. it's a mirror of the original world (same seed). The way to get there is to drink a Brew of Sleeping. Since it's a dream, so you can't bring any items with the exception of Whispy and Disturbed Cotton, plus Icy Needles, which are used to wake up and teleport back to the real world.


Most of the time though, when you first enter the Dream World, you'll have a nightmare. This means, it's constantly night time, and a mob called Nightmare is chasing you. This guy has 100 health and hits hard, especially if you have no armor (and you do not, because you don't bring any of your items with you). Pus, whenever you kill him, he just respawns anyway.


Disturbed Cotton is gained by having nightmares, and Whispy Cotton through nice dreams. The way to have a nice dream, is to craft a Dream Weaver of Nightmares, requiring Disturbed Cotton, and some other ways: Surrounding yourself with Whispy Cotton when sleeping, and having some Brews of Flowing Spirit (also acquired in the Dream World) around you.


There are 2 general ways to get out of the dream world: Using an Icy Needle, or dying.


Also, it's important to note that there's no way of farming Whispy or Disturbed Cotton right now in Witchery. You have to get each and every piece from the Dream World.


The dream world is a core element of the mod, you can't summon any of the bosses without it, can't become a Werewolf or a Vampire, and can't Mutate some of the crops. Basically, the whole lategame Witchery wouldn't be possible without the availability of Whispy Cotton, Disturbed Cotton, Mellifluous Hunger and Brew of Flowing Spirit (all acquired from the Dream World).


What happens on the server?

The only way to get into the dream world on the server, is from spawn. Using a Brew of Sleeping on your island simply gets rid of the Potion, and nothing happens.


Entering the Dream World is flawless from spawn, and then you start the search for Disturbed Cotton, while trying to run away from the Nightmare and other mobs.


But what I've encountered, is that upon dying the server crashes. First I didn't know I was the one who crashed the server, but for the second time, I was sure. Even using the Icy Needle in the Dream World crashes the server.


I haven't tried "/is home", but through my past experience, any teleportation attempts from and to the Dream World caused the loss of some items. In this case, I think my whole overworld inventory would have been lost, so everything I had on me before entering the Dream World.


Possible solutions

Obviously the best solution would be to figure out the reason of the crash, and fix it.


But if that's not possible, another solution would be to make items you can only acquire from the Dream World be accessible through other means. I know there's a Witchery shop, that sells Whispy and Disturbed Cotton, but $50 of ingame currency for each is ridicolous, since you need a couple stacks of both. That would mean, that in total you would have to pay around $12.000 - $20.000.


Here's a list of items that are only accessible from the Dream World:


- Whispy Cotton

- Disturbed Cotton

- Brew of Flowing Spirit (can only be brewed in the Dream World)

- Mellifluous Hunger (dropped by the Nightmare when killed)

- Subdued Spirit (dropped by Spirits flying around in the Dream World)


Finally, here's a link from the Witchery Wiki site:



Thank you for reading this,




Screenshots or Proof: I don't really know what to add here, but since it's requiredhttp://imgur.com/a/XWnHi

List of eyewitnesses: Timur, Im_Mr_Meeseeks

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So the problem still stands, and Timur tried to fix it by adding a Dream Weaver of Fleet Foot to spawn, to sleep next to.


But this doesn't fix the problem, he meant to add a Dream Weaver or Nightmares, but noone seems to care to fix it.


The DW of Fleet Foot only adds some speed boost after you wake up, while the DW of Nightmares adds a 50% chance of not getting Nightmares, so we can get back without crashing.


But this is still not enough, there needs to be a separate area for getting Nightmares or Nice Dreams.


Getting Nightmares Area: Anywhere on the map, because you have a 99% chance of getting nightmares anyway.

Getting Nice Dreams Area: A Dream Weaver of Nightmares, a small field of Whispy Cotton around, and ponds of Brew of Flowing Spirit, these will increase the chance of having a nice dream to almost 100%.


As well as this, I still would really enjoy a price reduction of Whispy and Disturbed Cotton in shop, since that would reduce the time you need to spend in the Dream World, thus reducing the amount of potential server crashes.


Thank you.

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