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Ae Items Disappearing

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I didnt play for some time,when i join my me was off cuz some of my controlers were gone,this is not the firts time i did lose like cables and interfaces,when i tpa to a player and came back to my is it happened again...the cords of my me are x:-6352 z:1212 y:186


Sry for bad english.

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I've fixed the problem that you were having with your AE system and the issue was located at the top of your AE system which there was something bugged preventing your AE system to work. I've removed the thing that was bugged and now your AE system is working fine now. By the way, if you were using ME covered cables, they sometimes bug out and disappear, so I suggest that you stick to using Dense, Smart, and normal ME cables. I put a chest near your AE system which includes few cables and interfaces.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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