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Server Crashed, And Most Item Ids Have Changed. Get The Latest Backup!


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Date: 10th of September 2016, ~08:00 PM CET


Description: The server crashed many times with different crash texts (Timed out, Fatal error occured, Server restarting, etc.).

After I finally was able to log back on, this is what I've experienced:


1. All Applied Energistics Cables, Terminals, Interfaces, Import/Export Buses, Storage Buses, AE2 Multiparts have dissapeared.

2. Most items inside of containers have changed. For example:

- Extra Utilities Speed Upgrades into Immersive Engineering Hemp Seeds,

- AE2 64k Storage Cells into 2^3 Spatial Storage (so lost most of my items in my ME),

- Most Clay Jars and Scents contained in them into Spectral Stones,

- Witchery Seeds into different Magical Crops Infusion Stones,

- Yellorium and Cyanite ingots into Botania Horn of the Wilds,

This effected items inside of various chests, transfer nodes, storage drawers.

(this is most of what I can remember of item changes)

3. Carpenters Blocks have changed into random Chisel Blocks.


4. Most of the placed down blocks are still intact, Thermal Expansion Machines (including Tesseracts) still seem to work, Ender Chests work, MFR Planters + Harvesters work, Thaumcraft Nodes work. (that's basically all what I've tested)


Please, get the latest backup!


- Atricos

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Looks like some of the chunks still have the wrong items and the missing ME cables, there is a clear line in between the stuff that has been fixed and the stuff that's still broken, at least on my island.


For example, on the side where I have my farms, my Transfer Nodes still have Hemp Seeds in them instead of Speed Upgrades, but on the side that's fixed, my Transfer Nodes do have the correct speed upgrades in them.

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I'm sorry I didn't give coordinates :(


You guys had to have searched for my island and MCEdited to replace the broken chunks with the the old, unbroken ones.


But thank you very much for what you have done! :) I'm really grateful for that! :)

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