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Quartzwitch , A Liar And A Player Killing Newbie Players


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As in title, I am really mad, this guy thought that he would pass and have not a single punishment for killing newbie players for fun and does not return their stuff, I am really pissed at this and would like admins to check this guy, hes been tekkit all day and killing players . He killed someone named Noid7654321 , and did not return his stuff, I told him if he didn't return his stuff he will be reported, and at last QuartzWitch said he didn't kill Noid7654321 , so yes at a pissed condition I told him he will be reported with proof of screenshots, and then he told me I am lying and said to the other guy that I killed him, the other guy wasn't stupid so he didn't fall for it, I am pretty pissed at what he did so here are the screenshots: READ THIS ADMINS


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What the actual f*ck man, you just straightly lied and said you didn't kill him , I know u claim killed noid once, and don't blame it on someone, especially me or noid , retard

Do you really think being disrespectful will increase your chances of your complaint being taken into account? Bad behaviour can void anything, even if your point is right.
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I saw him kill at least 5 players in an hour i was on including myself.

Fun part is he can teleport to you at will.

I was under ground on lvl12 so he would not be able to see me from above ground.

He sent a tp request that i did not accept and he still tp's to me and killed me.

based on discord conversation i had with mods they don't care ether. 

Here is a screen cap just to add.


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Ok wait first here is this picture:




And for the other thing, I was already behind you when I sent a /tpa request, because you and others accused me of hacking, I figured I would troll you a little.  As I have explained before, I get there from flying really fast and mining, not teleporting.


The other staff have already investigated me doing PvP in the past and said it's within the rules.  The fact that you have to shop around for gms to listen to your sad story or whine on the voice chat is just sad, and you should feel bad.  I feel bad for Coasterrider1, he probably has little knowledge about the situation and gets pressured to ignore the facts and break the rules by you.


I can understand if you hate the server for allowing PvP against players, but at least do not mask it by trying to make it seem like you are the victim.

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