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  1. Nevermind, decided to play single player instead. I don't like this server.
  2. Your Name: QuartzWitchItem Name + ID + Ammount: Power armor with shock absorb, jetpack, step assist, run assist, flight control, all energy shields, hv capacitor. Cobalt / obsidian plates hammer with lapis and all redstone and cleaver with lapis and all quartz, resonant capacitor, 3 angel blocks, reusable safari net, charm of keeping, 32 baked potato, level 2 mysterious magnet, bucket. That's all I know for now, I was doing something and I thought I was safe from losing items forever in overworld.Coordinates: Description of Issue: I thought keep inventory is on but turns out sometimes it bugs and deletes your inventory when you die. Maybe because charm of keeping which saves your items in all other dimensions breaks it in overworld Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Hi there's a new version now
  4. In-Game Nickname: EnergyTR Time and date: Today Description of what happened: Sells Terrasteel very cheap - Beh said sell it around 800 for 16 like I always did but now he's undercutting and it's now 600 Sells many dimension builder for 7500, should be 20k, based on how it's better than draconic armor, should not be sold at all in market according to Kalibur. I understand in private trades with endgame players, can sell and cheap, but in market where everyone can buy? Even the noobs. Made creative items and still is not banned from economy. For my information, he is reducing the price of quantum solar to 2750 (used to be 5000 then 2900 for a long time). How low can we go with this? (Previous wipe price was 2000, so can we go lower?) The problem is, he is doing things I was told is against rules but getting away with it. He used to sell things I helped him make in his base, but now he is selling the same thing as me but going dangerously cheap. I want to beat his prices, but it's against the rules for market. Screenshots or Proof: check player market and his base List of eyewitnesses: Kaliber110
  5. By that logic, there would be no suitable recipe for the creative item. However there is; the mod pack authors themselves disagree with the claim that they are worth infinite money. They already helped us out: the worth of the creative cell in particular, is the sum of its parts and processing costs as set by the mod pack creators. This talk about tossing around them like cookies and charging 1$ is laughable: everyone knows already they are super hard to make, and no one would charge ONE DOLLAR for one of the best items in the game. The bigger problem is, again, making one, and then not being able to trade for example wheat, or terrasteel. These items don't magically lose their value because you essentially crafted an expensive generator. There is a way to tell between legit creative and spawned creative as well. It's called looking at their base to see them make it over time, have all the machines, etc. If there is no creative tag, or even creative players, it's more easy. Hell you could make it a requirement to be present when they make it if you are very paranoid it's not spawned in and make a list of players that made them. Finally the value of one export made from a creative item can be controlled by economy restrictions like it already is. For example if you make lots of Terrasteel with guilty pool you can't sell it for 1$. Already is like that for normal terrasteel, why would this change? Terrasteel is not worth infinite money, neither is any liquid export. The value of being able to get lots of these resources is low and more a convenience. The value of a creative cell, 600000 rf/t, is easily quantifiable by the power produced solely, not infinite. Think about it this way, what would you be able to do with 1 million terrasteel? The answer is nothing, because the value is in all your machines, buildings, experience playing and base not 1 resource. Would reiterate that this does much more to punish part of the game (the endgame!) than to have any legit reason to be restricted presented heretofore. No downside to having "cheap" money (lmao really we are talking about the hardest to craft items here). If the prices are not too low, it just makes the market more full and more players voting / reviewing. Take Skyfactory for example, players have more than 1 million dollars and it has, according to Henk, the best community in Craftersland
  6. I think the reasoning is that these items are craftable in survival mode. They ARE hard to make. If you think about it, crafting one is much different than spawning it, because it is legit made and with extreme difficulty. The reasoning of my fellow player is "I made it, I stayed days crafting it then why can't use it for my profit." And that everything made legit (especially the iconic best items of the modpack) should be able to be sold and not punish the player for getting there.
  7. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/19899-rule-4-question/ https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/21380-definite-ruleslist-of-marketable-items-request/ These posts say we can trade items until / if we made "creative" items in name only. Just wondering if this is still true, because lots of players think it makes it pointless to make those items as the point of the endgame, because it causes negative effects. So I suggest that we change the way we interpret that rule, as these items are creative in name only and should be part of the survival game play as intended by the modpack, without having some negative effects. If we don't change it, I suggest add that clause to the official rules as it is unclear and you can't expect the players to find these posts. A lot of times they go around not knowing these hidden details because when I tell them they are surprised and angry.
  8. This guy wggun has been playing on SF since SF1, and he agrees there should be a wipe and other changes, he also says there are less players now in his post. Considering that sentence is from the quoted thread, it's not about my opinion at all. Here is the text from wggun lest it become misconstrued: "Hello everyone, my name is Will or Wggun, ive played this server since SF1, and i really like craftersland. I have a few suggestions to make the server better. #1 Update to Sky Factory 3 : I've asked about it in discord and the staff say after DireWolf20 pack so hopefully you can get that done so we can see a craftersland SF3. And if you don't have any interest in doing that, Why not give the server a wipe. Its been over a year and the playerbase is 1-10. A wipe would encourage players to come on daily to try and gain the best island (level). I have played on craftersland since SF1 and i know how the playerbase can change. During SF1 it was a constant 30+ players considering the modpack just came out. During the next wipe it was very populated. I want to see the SF3 update, or a wipe. #3 Emphasise an end goal : In sky factory you can basically do whatever you want, it would be nice to have an end goal. In infinity evolved it forces you to go through most mods to progress, unlike in sky factory where you can reach end game in a few days. After you've reached end game the server lacks in stuff to do (which is the main reason you can see me here, then not here.) I feel like this is one of the main reasons why people dont stay on. (thanks to Fatal for this idea) #4 Better community : The community for SF2 (players and staff) isnt very good. On other servers people have played them for years and still are playing now, on SF I dont remember anyone from SF1 back 3 years ago. I think the community should be looked after more. #5 The Economy : I think the economy is really messed up you can buy a full inventory of diamond blocks for like 10$.. It should be removed so new players dont get setup in 10minutes. Make a restirction of how much an item can be sold for, and how much they are selling Also add selling things in the shop #6 The chat filter : the chat filter is very buggy. one glitch is that you cant say an island... I realise the problem, but that really it has to be fixed Thank you for looking at my suggestions please DM me if you have any questions."
  9. I also agree with this guy's reasons, he suggests a wipe too. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/23013-a-few-suggestions/ If one of the main incentives is getting money, and the economy is ruined, then we could use normal wipes to return this interest. This is the least can be done if we can ignore the other problems. There isn't an issue having a way to start from nothing (we know well enough we can make a new island or destroy the base), it's to bring the fun back and part is the eco.
  10. Here are the points you have hidden: (from the linked thread DragonLady summarized) "This would give everyone the chance to get a nice spot on the map and try new strategies. It might also fix the economy and market prices so that people don't get to end-game in a few days. All this will probably get new people to the server so the player base rises back to what it was before the 1.10 server came out. I personally think a wipe would be good. It would encourage players to come to the server again because they have things to do again. And make it less boring for the people that are "done" with their base. One of the reasons a lot of bases are abandoned is because the owner was "done" with his/her base and doesn't know what else to do anymore, because there is no challenge anymore." "Some of the players haven't played in awhile because they have nothing else to do. They have reached top tier items and more. A wipe would make them restart and maybe have more players and more fun and maybe attract some new players." I have the suspicion that although new players come they don't stick around after they realize the amount of time passed has made a negative effect: broken eco and bored endgame players. You just don't feel like you are on the same page. It's how I felt when I last joined, people were dumping free goods on me and there wasn't any spirit to progress. It's one of the reasons lots of mmos have seasons, so the players get a new restart. Most players won't quit on their own and delete their work, but if it comes naturally they might want to restart, especially if 100 other players are doing the same.
  11. All the argument in the link besides the ones that obviously don't apply, that you omitted.
  12. Still happening, it seems to change throughout the day, sometimes it just take forever and doesn't time you out. Still noticeably more often than before.
  13. Please don't ask me I checked and it's pretty clear.
  14. I talked about this before,the sf3 has slow mobs, like some thing causes them to glitch and be really slow, and random lag spikes. My guess is the new mods versions, and some are completely new copied type mods with new authors, or maybe the new sponge thing. Other than that it mostly copied mods so it's not much betier than 1.710 skyfactory, it might be actually more unstable and costs more RAM and stuff. So IMO there's not a big reason to upgrade right now, maybe ever unless something very new comes along, or it becomes very stable or the 1710 version dies.
  15. Yeah, I knew that already. Did you know I knew?
  16. Not really, I also agree with the arguments here in favor of wipe https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/23419-possibly-a-server-wipe/?tab=comments#comment-123077 Additionally I don't feel like joining an old server because the wipe might be right around the corner, I'd rather join towards the beginning so my stuff doesn't get deleted when I'm in the middle of something. Unless the server has a guarantee its gonna be up for a certain amount of time. Which this one doesnt.
  17. Ya but brunyman said it's someone's base I think the interval should be 1hr
  18. For players like me who want to have even playing field when it comes to economy and progression there is need of a wipe. Some players don't like to start off in last place.
  19. Still happening since yesterday Ruined the vote party too (everyone got kicked right when the last person voted and it saved)
  20. Yeah I was about to post, it ruins it a bit, saving multiple times per restart. Before when it was like once an hour it was bearable but now it's kinda insane.
  21. What about 4 that would be nice. 2 is like the minimum to do anything. But for my info do you mean only the world anchors? What will happen if we try to use mfr chunk loader and bc quarries, personal anchor etc? Will they work but disappear not work or be banned or what. And how many chunks does the player load by standing there? Also do the botania sparks cause lots of lag because they disappear also, just wondering I used to use a lot but cut back when they disappear. Etc
  22. I would say 2 world anchors, these should load 3x3 and therefore 18 chunks total
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