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Archepvp New [Partner] Rank


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Hello Crafter's


Donations have been so low this month again, so far we got 1% of our goal. I have decided to make some changes, offering a few new ranks, and I increased the % off from 30% to 50%.





This is a subscription package, in which you almost have a temporary share in the server. Although you only get one extra command (/v), there are a lot of features.


In short, it's for the players who love the server and want to contribute to it. For 10 euros a month, you have a say in how the server is run, suggest new servers that could be added (and help make them), suggest new plugins or features, and build on our test server (Full OP permissions). (For example build a new 1vs1 arena with a friend).


I hope that we can get some support, I've tried to be different from other servers with this rank, I don't think anywhere else offers this type of thing.


You will also receive a forum rank: ArchePVP Partner





Also, PaySafeCard will be coming soon, send me a forum PM if you want to donate that way!


Thanks for your support!


50% Off Our Store! http://arche.buycraft.net/

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