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Hey, I smashed a chance cube on the Sky factory server, and now am stuck glitched.


I have no hearts for health, and EVERYWAY I have tried to kill myself, or have someone kill me...it does not work.


I cannot access my inventory or interact with machines because my character is constantly "Twitching".


If I teleport anywhere, I have to relog for it to take effect.


Please Help



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Alright so far Multiple things have been tried.


Of course, Relogging onto the Server.

Restarting the whole curse client launcher and relogging to the server.

Restarting the whole computer and relogging onto the server...No avail.


Worked with Hey_Joe(Who is an absolutely stellar Individual) who suggested another idea....

So what happened is I completed deleted the SF profile, all the SF data off of my pc, and completely reinstalled it from scratch.


Relogged into the server, and unfortunately no luck.


I appreciate the help from Joe, and I love the community on this server...


All help is appreciated.



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