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[Rollback Request]Me Crafting Terminal, Me Drives And Me Cables Disappeared

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Account name: mygod23
Island owner name: mygod23
Coordinates: Coordinates:x: -230; z: 1240; y:168
Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 2016/10/04 21:00 GMT+7
Today I login and found that:
The ME drives contain all items I got from the beginning, all thaumcraft essentia are disappeared

The Me crafting terminal and Thaumcraft arcane crafting terminal that contain my Thaumic capped silverwood Septer are gone
All of Me cables except the one connected to the quantum at Botania work place and these on Thaumcraft essentia workplace are disappeared
This is the picture of what is happening now, the ME system is the hearth of the island, I store everything I got into it. Brunyman please rollback my island to the date and time on top, thank you very much


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