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[Minecraft 1.10.2][Unstable][Play]


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Hi, I decided to start a Let's Play series on a FTB Unstable modpack, because I am itching to try the new mods that came out for this generation.

And maybe this will generate some interest in a CL modpack with that same theme or mods :D

So, I launched the game and created a new world:



Here is my first sight on the world:




I then turned around and started to explore a bit and read the books that I had at the start of the game:








More to come soon!


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The first thing to do is to get some wool and make a bed, so you can skip the night.  I went pretty far, in some direction, to find some sheeps and I found a village too next to the sheeps.  First of all I made some shears.


Once I had that, I continued cutting wood, wondering if I should make Tinker's Construct tools first before making my house.  I decided to finish my house, then I claimed it and activated the built-in chunk loader from FTB Utils mod.




Once I was ready, I went mining on lv 50 and lv 11.  Lv 11 was the best, because it had lots of ores and diamonds, whereas lv 50 only had iron and copper.


I also was able to make a stone drum, from extra utilities, to hold all my lava that I found.



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I need a me system bad

I made the tinkers construct




I attached the lava, the weird thing is that the transfer node now needs a pipe on the node area as well.  It doesn’t come with it automatically attached




The roof being open is a serious problem




I figured besides the straightforward ore doubling from ticon, also is useful is the blast mining from the tools, so a tool forge was made

It turned out to be a great idea, because a new upgrade I found in reading Materials and You increases the hammer’s range

I couldn’t figure out what kind of hammer to make first - no alumite.  So, I made an iron one, but with no moss to regenerate




Now that I had some resources, I think it is time to explore.  I will start by investigating this new mob


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The exploration didn’t go so well…  The fish disappeared and I only found a lot of flowers.

Needing ender pearls, to make a lot of advanced stuff, I am going to the end next.  And the nether.




Finally I made the portal, and went in.  The pigmen don’t get mad when I mine quartz so I was able to get a lot.




I put a diamond on my pick to be able to mine cobalt, but it doesn’t work.  I needed to change the pick head material to an obsidian pick head.




After upgrading my hammer to not suck that much, I was more interested with was the rune of speed from Botania.  Usually, getting speed is very powerful in any modpack.




After upgrading my base, I started Botania.  The first thing you want to do is get all the flower kinds.  You can grind up Minecraft flowers to make Botania-bonemeal to get all the Botania flowers.  Once you have the flowers, it might be more efficient to only grow the petals, and never fully grow the half-grown flowers but you have two options with bonemeal and shears for the big flowers.




Here is all you need for a daybloom flower.  You need about 6 of these to get started, they disappear after a Minecraft week.  Make these and pure daisies.  Pure daisies are for transmuting wood and stone, and dayblooms generate mana.




The full setup:

Mana spreader - acts like a hopper that gathers with range all the mana from a group of flowers

Wand of the forest - simply made wrench to configure the directions etc.

Mana pool - transmutes lots of things in reactions and stores the mana.




My chunkloader glitched out, so i needed a new one - especially for mana to store up.  I need some ender pearls.




Next is the endoflame; it runs off coal, about 1 coal every 30 seconds or so.  Both kinds of flowers isn’t terribly the end of world to make.  It makes a huge amount of mana compared to the daybloom and lasts forever.  The recipe of the endoflame contains one ingredient from mana pool transmutation, so that is why you can’t directly make it at the start.  You can throw like a stack of coal and they will share it and make the amount of mana from dayblooms over a week in about 3 minutes.




The result:

Now I have enough mana to make the ingredients and make the Soujorner’s Sash.  Here one mana spreader directs the mana to the pool and another to the runic altar.


The Soujorner’s Sash makes everything better, like I am a ninja.  The combat in 1.10.2 is hard because your DPS is very low.  You basically have to run in and kill the EnDeRmaN and then run out and avoid crowds.

In order to set power to my chunk loading ward, I need Extra Utilities grid power or GP.  Here is the setup.  You first get a few solar arrays and then power the r e sona tor to be able to build the 24/7 generators.  Deja vu.

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This is the predicament I get into when walking outside…




So I went to my old faithful - the PSI mod.  A spellslinging gun.




Once I did some programming with the Spell Programmer, I leveled up my level to unlock more spells




Once I got something I could use, I threw ender eyes to locate the stronghold.  On the way there I found the pirates




I rowed my boat out there, and then activated my gun - the Mass Exodus spell.  Instantly, all the skeleton crew was launched 100 feet into the air above me.  With some of the crew crashing down, some hitting the mast and dying immediately.  The others fell around me as I rowed around to the back.  Then, I punched a hole into the boat and activated the cannons, destroying the rest of the crew swimming helplessly trying to get back up.




Before I had done this, I made a Refined Storage system.  It’s basically the exact same thing as Applied Energistics.  I also have Soujorner’s Sash.




The journey to the Dragon took me very far, even into the icy spikes biome.  On the way there, I found a weird building but I could not do anything with it.  Maybe I will return.




Before I knew it, I was in the END.  After I shot all the crystals with my bow (and by pillaring up fast with my ninja skills and using ender pearls), I started fighting the dragon.  But the first attack swept me off of the edge.  I threw a ender pearl back onto the End and warped back up there before I fell into the void.

The dragon battle went terrible: I thought with my mobility I would be fine, but there are 3 main problems: the dragon can shut down bridges with area denial attacks, has a huge homing attack that can trap you and insta kill you from fall damage if you stand around and don’t run totally constantly (about every 10 seconds), and the dragon aggros endermen against you as it homes in on you while also dragging them to you like a magnet (endermen have very strong attacks and can teleport chase you).  So, you have the problem of either needing a spammy amount of arrows, stronger armor, stronger weapon, even more extreme mobility, or auto feed.

So, I started to work on all of these things.  I upgraded my PSI level to be able to have fire aura on my armor, to possibly ward off attacking endermen.  I upgraded my Botania setup (more on that later) to get more mana and be able to make better, Botania version potions.  And I captured some chickens and made a little coop in my basement with a vacuum chest to collect the eggs.  Also I made some brand new angel wings and a power generator from extra utils, which solves the endermen problem and food problem entirely.




Finally the Dragon was dead, after a huge battle.  I flew around high above the angry endermen, and shot the dragon whenever it started flying towards me.  And I drank my potion of resistance whenever it started to hurt me bad.  When it flew around, I cycled my PSI gun to explode mode and used the area damage on the pillars to harm it as it went through them.  In the end, the PSI gun just blew it up when it had an arrow shield.  Once it finally went down, I went down to get the loot and the angry endermen attacked me (I had forgotten about them) and knocked me into the portal!  I got tons of loot and beat the game.






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Now that that embarrassment was over, here is my energy and processing and storage system.  The Stirling generators from Ender IO make 85,360 RF per charcoal with octadic capacitors, and 16,000 RF with no capacitor.  Compare that to the Extra Util generator, which makes only 1,600 RF.  Then, the power goes into a Ender IO capacitor bank storing the energy.  It goes into a Extra Utils furnace, that I use for coal and stone, or to an Ender IO alloy smelter for advanced materials (using Ender IO energy conduits).  The final destination is the Refined storage, controller, disk drive, and “grids” - both crafting and normal.  Also there is a “importer” going to a chest in case I need to shift dump all my inventory into the RS system.




My Botania setup has more endoflames as well as endoflame automation: the pressure plate gets activated by the extra coal laying around, telling the conduit to stop send it from the chest to the open crate.  Only 1-2 extra coal is left out to be eaten, instead of leaving stacks of it to despawn.  The spreader from the mana pool is pointed to the botanical brewing stand now.  There is an alchemy catalyst underneath the mana pool, updating the transmutation recipes.




My petal apothecary (flower making) area is now automated.  Mechanical users now constantly click buckets on the water or apothecary, except a filtered item conduit takes the filled bucket to the apothecary and keeps it full, and takes the empty bucket to the pool to be filled.





Water mills provide all the GP needed for my angel ring.  Each one generates the maximum GP by pointing highest flow flowing water directly into it.  I think another configuration where the max flow flows past it might be possible but this is OK for now.  Also my beans for bean stew.




I spent some time cutting the trees down.  I made a magnet ring and used my explode gun to finish off the branches that were remaining.  I need to update my energy.  I think I will get into Forestry.



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