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Skyblock Scam Using Auction (Mxgabyte)


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In-Game Nickname: Turbo

Time and date: In Game - Day 11215 1:22

                          Real life - 12:30 am 10/22 Central Time

Description of what happened: Turbo puts an auction up for $3000 me and another person named itsz preceed to ask what it s he is auctioning.  He replies 16384k drives.  Something i need and want to have on my island storage system.  I then preceed to bid on the "Unknown" item.  After winning the auction i get 3 uncommon loot bags. I then preceed to call him out for lying and he never responds.

Screenshots or Proof: imgur been down all day, if you want me to repost with imgur i will later but here are some gyazos:










List of eyewitnesses: Istz is the only who responded after i called him out so i guess he would verify for me

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