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  1. greens pictures was a attempt to remove the pyro and thus all the fire and help server tps temp area need a rollback
  2. first post same guy i belive
  3. everything should be back thanks for all the trouble 😜
  4. so not to do it again many but could you rollback the same claim again.. to 1pm gmt 9/02/1019 should be the day before if the timing is right ;/ prob not system still didnt come even with all that ;/
  5. Claim was rolled back but wasnt far back enough the whole ae2 system among other things is still gone if possible make sure that 1am is gmt if it is try pushing it back to midnight if possible (she is offline figured id get the ball rolling for her) Edit- Possible that time is when they had been mid grief not sure
  6. also as a side note for the love of god add a message that says not to use the refined storage mod there is literaly no reason not to, it just makes more work for you guys
  7. It seems every single time i join the server someone decides its a good idea to go to the twilight forest, regardless of the time of day. as such the server tps drops to 2-6 and it unplayable untill 1 of 2 things happen. the server is restarted or the dim unloads(also hasnt happened yet). I put money into the server to play and if you have issues like rubberbanding, block breaking, teliporting mobs, among a huge list of other issues then it is no fun and people will start to not want to enjoy the server atleast for me. the pack isnt stable as is and on a good day tps is solid 20 but with more people it goes down to maybe 15-20 and has its ups and downs, but the second someone enters the twilight forest and it doesnt matter for how long or if they even are there anymore. the serv just plain becomes unplayable. as i and a few other people have said the server is the most fun when nobody is online and that shouldnt be the case.
  8. sounds like a cool idea only problem is the lag is caused by peoples bases, online players that is also the twilight forest is super laggy then the tps will always be low. even after a restart all the player has to do is load the laggy base once and then the tps shoots down again. dw20 1.12 is one of the modpacks that wont even run smooth 20 tps regardless of how many restarts, just due to the large bases/other dimensions. as i told someone yesterday server is most playable when nobody is online lol
  9. only thing i am missing is the money i voted for was something like 750, i spent it on clay and some other stuff before other then that everything is back ?
  10. Your Name: EpicSkippyCoordinates: x: -3248 z: 1851 y: 77Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 06:45 EST Monday, December 31, 2018Description of Issue: I was not told or made aware of the refined storage bug. I lost ALL my items ( a weeks worth's of playing) when my disk drives disappeared after a restart.Screenshots (Optional):
  11. In game name: EpicSkippy Proof of Purchase: can ask Henk as I bought it way back before he was staff at all (was so long ago I don't really have proof other than people that knew me then) Description of Issue: My hard drive took a dump on me and I no longer have the sponsor+ I bought back then, I now have sponsor rank for some reason. so i need my rank back and also i never got access to the kit for it so I need that if possible. Date/Time of Purchase: Was like 2 years ago? maybe less idk at this point Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor+ Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received <have none of them anymore ;/
  12. bumped so it wasn't lost under the closed topics
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