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Island Rollback [Brunyman]

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Account Name: awsomestar12345

Island owner name: WexterMV

Coordinates: X: -6001 Y: 140 Z: -9061

Time/date:10/31/2016 1:00am


Description of Issue:i finished my ME storage system and wanted to move all my stuff fast so i broke all my chests and lost pretty much all of it be cause it de-spawned most notable of this stuff was 1700 blocks of draconium, 1700 ingots of aluminum, 64 blocks of diamond, 1700 glowstone dust, 270 blocks of lapis, and 600 redstone blocks. i spent many days working up the money then paying attention to the auctions to get this stuff and i was wondering if some (if not all) could get rolled over, these are the most notable items i've lost out of the 7 double chests that were broken that day. Thanks in advance               -awsomestar12345 (In-Game name living on WexterMV's Island)

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