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Player Virtmo Selling Other's Taglocks Without Permission


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In-Game Nickname: Virtmo

Time and date: 4:23PM PST Time 10/31/2016

Description of what happened: Selling other people's taglocks on market or auction

Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/VmCWvo5

List of eyewitnesses: andrewsigh


Before, when I was looking at spawn, there had been dirt blocks around, It may have been a curse but I do not have enough evidence to prove that he sold the taglock and someone else cursed.


Edit: On shoutbox, someone has been cursed.

Edit2:11:12PM for forums Time

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I was online at that time and saw that conversation. Virtmo was actually one of the people who tried to remove my curse but failed. At that point I did not know anything about Witchery so maybe he did something else? He definitely has my taglock and this Witchery stuff is really annoying...

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[11] No Abusing Magic:


-1st offense = warning

-2nd offense = 30m Jail.

-3rd offense = 2 day ban.

(Includes throwing block changing potions on claimed territory)

(Includes spells that can be casted from any of the magic mods)

(Includes items that can cause unfair havoc, or destruction).

(Includes using items/spells/potions for malicious intent).


We FTB staff consider taking taglocks without permission a violation of this rule. I don't know what do SF guys do, though.

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Defendant here. I plead guilty of selling taglock, specifically twice. Both was bought by their owners( Person who was taglocked). I have cursed 3 or 4 people myself, 2 of them were 2 beggars begging free stuff after i gave them stack of draconium ingot and nether stars other was minor insanity curse and I removed it back from them and said I was the one who cursed him. In case of Surtainx3 he had curse of sinking. I tried rite of curse removal twice but not sure if it worked. I am not a bad guy here, I tried to help. Also dirt blocks at spawn was not my doing, I dont even know how to do it or which mod does it. Dead_king999 acted all mighty and bossy after saying I am not from same clan. Ask most people on server, I rarely sell things because i just gift away things to people who ask nicely which includes thousands of obsidian, iron, unstable ingot, bones and quite few angel rings. I even help people when their things dont work and use my own resources to help them. Dead_king stop trying to get me banned. Grow some pairs and man up

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No punishment will be dealt on Virtmo, Ive talked alot with him and got him to stop taking taglocks unless he is removing someones curse or using the taglocks on himself. I also know he sold taglocks and took taglocks at spawn and ive dealt with it so i will Close this topic since its dealt with if anyone thinks its not dealt with feel free to send me a msg on discord and open the topic but let me know



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