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Abuser Chunk_Reloader


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In-Game Nickname: ManiaK_


Time and date: 17:40 (+-) 03/11/2016


Description of what happened: Well how to start this... Today day 3/11 a guy called Chunk_Reloader came to our town start messing with us flying around and getting inside our houses and wanting to attack us, understading at the start right? the thing is that he started abusing of the commands when me and my friends started closing the doors of our house and he started tp'ing to us without us accepting so he started to mess with our stuff because some town blocks doesnt let me to claim giving me a error so he started destroying building random stuff in this areas and killing my friends for no reason. we have prints and visual witnesses. I want this problem to be solved as fast as you can as you may know minecraft is a game to be fun not to turn into a babysitter of someone...


Screenshots or Proof:


 http://imgur.com/a/zERkO ( thats my print him messing with the town block i cant claim)


http://imgur.com/a/PHYsC ( my friends print when he started killing him for no reason)


List of eyewitnesses: "sethegg" "NewCreeperPT"


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a. you dint claim it

b. if you leave your door open its not my problem

c.you guys start ganging up on me when i whas inside

d. powersute is the best armore in the game

e. you can equip it with a flying mod

f. golden apples for live

g. nuke can confirm it





i gave your stuff back ;)

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