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Stuff In My Ender Chest Are Gone


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most of the items were in golden bags of holding so i cant put the full list of items

 but i remeber having wywern armour , wyvern flux capacitor, 364x lava generators reinforced watering can,

2stacks 20draconium blocks, 3 64k me storage cells ,76 stable unstable ingots (that were crafted from unstable nuggets),

2 angels rings, ultimate furnice (magical crops mod) , a full zivicio armour set, and unbreakable pickaxe from tinkers construct that had manyullin head obsidian handle(rod) and a magical wood binding with modiffiers:


auto repair 2

haste(redstone 150)

reinforced 7

and fortune 3


the bags also had diamonds gold iron redstone and obsidian



these are the most valuable items that i had



i cant remember anything else that would be very important plus the numbers might be a little more or less then i had i dont remmeber the exact numbers if there was more then a stack of the item

thanks for the help

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I refunded some of them, I placed them in an iron chest on your island.


Also keep in mind that inventory and enderchest items are saved in your player data file. Storing lots of items in them (bags and storage cells) with lots of items can cause the corruption of the file as minecraft was not designed to store/load so much data from this file. Keep lots of items in modded storage's to avoid loss.

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