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[Presentation] Faves


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Name:Seth M

IGN: Faves


Crafter's Land Servers you play: FTB (WA before it went poof)

Location: michigan USA

A short description of yourself: started playing minecraft when it was in pre-beta, i have staffed on many MC servers, world of warcraft servers and Gmod servers, staffing comes natural to me and im currently working towards a management position at my Workplace IRL

Hobbies and interests: hunting, blacksmithing, solving problems for others, playing video games and sleeping

Discord / Skype Name: faves

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I don't know him either. He must be very new, he doesn't even have a profile picture. I wonder how did he get Moderator rank, are you sure he didn't hack into the forum's internals?  :P


Wecome my friend :D

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