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Island Rollback Marlinzz

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i had a island with Marlinzz and MAttheuwDiamond. 

Islandowner is Marlinzz.

Today i logged in and i found myself at the spawn. I tipped in /is and it created a new island but i still have my items. i was thinking that i got kicked but i have flyed to one of my deathpoints at the islands.


x 2677 y 164 z -9927


I only found a part of our mobfarm with some static water. anything else is gone.


Pls help us


I apologize my bed english but im german :D

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Did you get kicked from the island? If you know those guys, it would be nice to know if they kicked you.


Or maybe the island got reset for some mysterious reason. If you can post some screenshots, it will help.

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