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What's the server specs?


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Hi, sysadmins, devs and owner,

What's the server specs? I'm looking to build my own server for skyfactory, just a few players. Would a Xeon E5-2670 With a X79 Mobo and 16 Gigs of DDR3 cut it? I'd just want to host 5 or so players.


Also would be running a GitLab Server, a SpigotMC server, an Apache Server and a Jenkins-CI Server

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  • Founder

Hi, you don't need so much resources for a small server. Our dedicated server has an i7 with 64GB of ram, but only uses a small amount of resources. You can make a ram drive if you don't have a SSD for faster server load and chunk load, I think the server will run fine with 5 GB of ram allocated to the SF server, but don't forget to restart it once 2-3h.

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