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Crashing while in my island

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It's been a while.

Today i joined SkyFactory 2.5.6 server. However, after a while, my game keeps crashing.

Before crashing:

I joined the server without crashing.

I immediately enter my island.

After several seconds, my game crashes.

Full Log:


Error Log/Report:


edit: i used hackphoenix's FTB Launcher.

edit2: i seem to crash everytime i open my inventory. The only thing i would mention is i have "hamm" (hammer) on the NEI box.

would appreciate the help.

if you need anymore information, please do ask.

thank you.

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First of all install skyfactory 2.5.6 again as the crashlog told about missing textures.

If that didn't work and you are still crashing, allocate more ram to your ftb launcher preferably 4gb.

If that didn't work aswell then I suggest deleting both 64 and 32 bit java in your pc and reinstalling the latest 64 bit Jre only.

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It seems like my problem is NEI. Whenever i search for certain things (not crash by searching), my game will crash. I have reinstalled twice and have crashed for like 5 times today, after the re-installation.

It's getting annoyingly frustrating, it seems like i can't trust NEI and have to resort to internet or help (edit: for them recipes) T_T

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I already have JRE update 112 64-bit installed, no other Java version (just reset, black screen, several weeks ago). I cant allocate 4gigs of RAM because my max RAM for this laptop is 4gig, so i'm guessing i should use 2 gig RAM?

thanks for the time, appreciate it.

edit: also, sorry for the late reply. haven't went to the forums in a couple of days (was so focused on building my terrible island xd)

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